Simple State Machine In Java

Simple State Machine in Java What is a State Machine ?

Environment Variables In Spring Boot Application

Spring Boot lets you externalize configurations for our application. Let’s take a simple application that connects to the database and perform some operations on it.

Managing Multiple Git Accounts

Lot of companies requests developers to create dedicated git accounts to access work related git projects.

Working for Unicorn

After a short stint at Creditmantri opportunities knocked me to work for Zomato.

CreditMantri Days

After a stint of almost 7+ years developing enterprise software wanted to work with startups.

Rewind 2018

This post is about reliving my year again. It was a roller coaster ride for me primarly in personal life.

My Look Ahead for 2018

Inspired by others in developer community where people keep yearly goals and work towards them wanted to have something personal to me and keep track of my progress.