97- Things every Developer must Know - Book Notes

This year have taken a resolution to read lot of books in various generes. I love technology and always love coding and being called as a developer. I started reading a book 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts by Kevlin Henney.

It’s collection of wisdom thoughts that we should always remember in life as long as we are programming. Below are my short notes about the various thoughts discussed in the book.

  • Always develop things that you will use when you are the user of the product- Developers should think from user perspective always.
  • Never Refactor just because u wanted to refactor.Do it with a meaning. Best approach to refactor legacy code base is to write tests for existing code and start refactoring to understand the implications
  • Developers should never blame others for every mistakes. It is always good to see our code first before blaming someone else.
  • Code in domain. Write variables/functions in the domain for which you are coding. Our code should be read like poem in that domain.