Android Studio ShortCuts

Just to get used to environment and being a regular user of eclipse moving to IntelliJIDE for android development knowing the shortcuts becomes cruicial in the learning and improving my knowledge in Android.

Below are the few of the shortcuts that I have learnt that may be useful for anyone with Mac learning Android Studio.

Useful symbols:

⌘ = Command Key
⌥ = Option Key
⇧ = Shift Key
⌃ = Control Key

Usefull ShortCuts:

Description ShortCut
Find Class ⌘ + O
Find File ⌘ + ⇧ + O
Refactor ⇧ + F6
Goto Class Definition ⌘ + B
Run ⌃ + R
Move code block at cursor up/down ⌘-⇧-up arrow, ⌘-⇧-down arrow
View full refactor menu ⌃+ T
Show available parameters for current method (must be inside parentheses) ⌘+P