Android Settings Menu - Learning

Making step by step progress over the SunShine app.

This learn log covers how settings menu was added.

After listing the climate details from API using URL,URI and ASyncTask next step was to open new activity on clicking a list item.

It can be achieved using setOnItemClickListener of the ListView

To get the list item details use getItem(index) where index is the parameter of onItemClick overrided function.

###Opening New Acitivity New activity can be opened using Intents.

Intent <intentName>=new Intent(<context>,<NewActivityclassName>.class);

To pass the details to the intent


###Settings Menu

To add a new settings menu

  • Add new layout under menu folder
  • Use tags <menu> and <item> tags
  • Since this is usually a fragment inflate it under the method onCreateOptionsMenu
  • To add actions to the clicking of settings use function onOptionsItemSelected
  • Getitemid and based on conditions open further activities

####Settings activity

  • Create a settings activity which extends PreferenceActivity
  • OnPreferenceChange method is used for binding the values
  • The settings acitivity can be opened using addPreferenceFromResource
  • The layout can be designed under xml folder using various options elements