Awesome Assignment to learn Git

It’s been nearly two weeks in the course and the journey so far has been so awesome. With assignments getting started feeling very very excited to learn things So in the Software Development Process course second assignment is to prove our ability for using git which is one of the best version control tool in the world.

I have been using git for past two years after learning it from online and using it effectively in Hackathons. But my usage was very limited compared to the real features it has. This assignment made me to make myself to learn more about git.

The assignment is provided with private repo in Github for the course students alone. For each students a private repository is created. I also came to know about the cheat sheet of git commands from here

The assignment asked to perform a set of activities. It has more steps and activities. At the end we need to confirm if our Network graph from our Github should match with the one they have provided. In case if we have missed any steps obviously the graph would be wrong and we may not score well.

In order to score well I ensured that I practise the steps in few repos multiple time to ensure that I get correct graph. During this course I missed of lot things because I was unaware of the commands. By practising in other repos before submitting my assignment ensured that I learnt a lot of commands which are required for better colloborations among team members when working on Github.

The following are the commands I learnt

This was really fun in doing this assignment.