Hacker School may be my next target

With so much frustration in office work , not doing things which I like and wanna do always and not able to give my 100% in work and I was completely stressed out.

The learnings I got in corporate were mostly of mangement things which I usually feel sick about!!!

This year I have been trying to participate in various tech forums, meetups and Hackathons to learn the intersting parts of technology which I always dreamt about.

Actually I was very much sad that I did not have any internet connection in my home during my college days to get such exposure. It was only during my final year project internet was made available after which I was in responsibility to search job for the survival.

But moving into corporate washed away all my dreams of becoming techy guy as I wanted to .Many will ask “What effort did I put to make myself as such?”. Yeah initial one and half years in corporate passed away trying to prove that I can do development works.Where in the hell will I get time to concentrate. Almost spent more than 15 hrs in office to prove them that I can do coding!!Basically I learnt to do coding only!!

After that started participating in tech forums,meetups.FB group Chennai Geeks was my favourite through which I gained, learnt manythings.Then participating in Govt Data Hackathon gave me some more confidence. After that started taking online courses at Udacity.

Then from one of the google searches I came to about bootcamp programs which is very famous in US. I missed to hear or may be I was blind over these words during my college days.If I had heard I might have atleast given a try. After reading online blogs about bootcamp only this word is stuck with me for the past two days. Hacker School

I was very much attracted towards the tagline

Hacker School is a writers’ retreat for programmers

The principles of Hacker School are gr8 really gr8 like which I dreamt of *Self Directed *Accessible *Stimulating *Exceptional

Basically it’s free for all but getting in is difficult.Also only we have to take care of our expenses for our stay there in NY city.

For the past two days I have been just going through their website many times and thought of applying for their 2014 batch. But something was stoppping me. May be I should just build few more things and learn quite bit more before I apply since I am used to very bad corporate IT culture which really won’t make fit to get in.

In 2014 my next target might be this for applying and getting selected for one of their batch.