Hurray Results Came

Since I have applied the earlier they were able to evaluate my application in a very lesuirely way and update me on the status very soon. Yes!!

I received my application decision on October 7, 2014. The mail stated “Application decision is available”.

Was very confident this time at the same time was very tensed when I was clicking the link. Literally I was shiverring in my chair.

On clicling applyweb portal URL I need to open the Decision available PDF to check my decision.

Until I find some positive words like ‘happy’,‘glad’,‘congratulations’ I din read the full decision letter.

Yeah those words were there. Immediately read the full letter and confirmed that I was successfully admitted to the program.

I was reading those decision letter multiple times that day. Was very glad and happy. Dunno who to say my happiness. Wanted to thank lot of people for this.

  • I actually wanted to convey this to my parents but they were sleeping so keeping this happy news for them next day
  • Immediately whatsapped my sissys Jayasree and Aparna
  • Next messaged my friends who helped me to go through the phase of failure from last admit rejection and encouraged me to apply again Madhava Jayamani and Sukanya
  • Whatsapped my well wisher and my mentor in Office Rajesh

Then I slept very happily. Next morning conveyed the happy news to parents they were also very happy. After that I left to office. When reaching office only I realized that the message to Madhava was not delivered. Actually October 8 is his birthday. I called to wish him but din wish him first instead started with this news and was very thankful for him for his help for the application also wished him for becoming old more…

As people started coming to office first approached their desk and just showed the decision letter to them. Indeed was very happy that day.This is what I did

  • Benita- English mummy who corrected my grammer and Sukanya
  • Santio- English sir who helped in making my huge huge huge huge essay to the required size
  • Alok- Guy who is gud at english also always point at my english mistakes.Helped me in refining my application.
  • Satish- My manager who is my boss also was one who wrote a letter of recommendation for my application amidst his tight schedule.

####I would like to Thank You all of the people who have helped getting this admit. Please forgive in case if I have missed anyone name in the list