Journey till now

From the day I was born I think I was studious(lol).I don like it even if I think how I was when I was young like tat I simply laugh seeing me now.But it was those hard workz tat has brought me to these many distances of my life.

With lots of aim and aspirations and with the willingness to achieve a lot finished my Schooling (Chinmaya Vidaylaya & Santhome Higher Secondary,Chennai) entered my college into one of the premiere institutions in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Doin my specialization in Information Technology willingness to do a lot coding aimed for gr8 company placements got lot exposure and experience from my seniors.

To be frank it was this part of my life tat I learn a lot. Life lessons were being learn a lot endless to say each second in my college somebody or something was teaching some for my life . I took everything in tat way I proceeded.

New interests of film and video making learn a lot of tricks an technologies and with brand name of Black & White Studios did my presentations.At the end of four years the only thing I still have few friends who taught me many and a name for my presentations and videos tat

Nobody knows wat his videos depict even himself:p