First Week of KBAI

The class has started first week went with just the introductions and below tasks * Introduce yourself in Piazza * Go through the assignments * Complete the Pre Course Survey

The pre course survey contained a set of questions that made the course team to mingle us with people of our interests and location. It also had questions about the programming language proficiencies etc..

Once done I have started going through the lectures of the course starting week 1.


In first set of lectures we were introduced the basics of AI like * Conundrums of AI * Basic characteristics of AI problems * 4 schools of AI * What is an AI agent and its characteristics? * What is deliberations[reason, learning, memory] * General architecture of a cognitive systems * Relation between AI and cognition * What are Raven’s problem and how are they used for testing human intelligence

With these much introduction we dived into core topic that we will be using for representation of AI problem. Semantic Networks is a way in which we represent the problem in AI using nodes, actions and relationships. It is a way in which we can solve Raven problems. We tried to solve 2x2 problems using semantic network and learnt the relation how our brain works using relationships.