My look Ahead for Q2 2017

These are the plans for my Q2 of 2017. Since I was able to achieve only 25% of the plan in Q1 moving few to this quarter and more focussed. I would say this quarter is more focused on becoming an expert in Android


  • Eat food on time and regularly avoid junk foods
  • Run/Walk daily 3-4 kms

Personal Life

  • Spend more time with family
  • Learn car driving and ensure to get license

Self Improvement

  • Make reading a regular habbit.Ensure to read atleast 5 books under various type before end of March, 2017
  • Make writing a regular habit. Ensure to write devlogs and learning logs atleast regularly.Atleast write more about the android learning in android logs
  • Publish as many Android apps in Play Store to get a decent profile in the play store and become an expert in Android.