My look Ahead for 2014


Yes as the title says the post is about my plan(rough one) for 2014. Usually at the start of the year I plan and think to do lot of things but this year I am going to be very serious is making it up. Below are the list of things that I have planned to do in this year without failing. I will be striking out the things once I have completed it. This post will be regularly updated.

*Spend More time with family
*Do only things that make me feel happy in job
*Read 30 Books for the year.
*Go the Bachelor’s dream place in India -Goa
*Eat Breakfast, lunch & dinner on time without fail
*Go for Mid Sea Diving @ Kovalam
*Go for minimum 3 Treks this year
*Learn to Swim
*Learn to drive 4 Wheeler
*Partipate in local Marathon and try completing 10K mark
*Try completing atleast one online course per two months in any of MOOCS platform(Udacity/Courseera/edX/Academic Earth)
*Contribute to a Open Source Project effectively
*Participate in lot of Hackathons and build more
*Try to give a tech talk in some meetup
*Become a GT OMSCS Student
*Apply to Hacker School and try getting admitted
The above are the list which I have prepared when I start the year. Anything or any additional things I want to include in the list I will add after the below line. Keeping my finger crossed to achieve 100% in the above list.