My thoughts does not work

As my post topic my thought does not work. Yeah this word was new to me when I entered my college.Haven’t heard in my english classes it was SSN that thought me this yes it is ThoughtWorks.

With fun-filled bus journey to my college I learn this word and I dunno why I liked this word very much even now i am crazy about the word..It was my first year my seniors one day said this word and one guy Geethan from my bus is gonna have it in his tag in near future.I was very confused and puzzled…Said to my self wat these guys talking like this “When we giants like CTS, Infosys,Wipro,HCL wat this Thought Works is gonna do with my career? “.

Later during just like some other day discussion in bus I talked over to Geethan. That day was really a game changer in which I think about my college life and plans. He was gr8 techy guy. Later he has also guided me till date in few things. He was the same guy who introduced me the word Top Coder which gave really a great things that we should do during our college days.

May be it’s since I said those words or something written this word is draining my mind till date.Yeah it’s Thought Works the agile company I’m talking about. From the day I said those above said lines it became my main aim in college life.If i gonna land up in a job it should be onli thought works I decided.Preparation started in First Year itself.. Learnt the real art of Programming, Java, Graphics, Agile Technology so many to be frank wat ever I learnt, I learnt in such way that it will help me in my first work @ ThoughtWorks. Whenever my friends speak about jobs I just say this words to them that I will get it for sure.

Days passed after four years of dreams and severe preparation it was time for me to get my offer letter :):) Yup it’s placement time in our college and the very first company tat visited of course the company tat had my dream word in english “THought Works” …With lots of hopes and dreams and hard work and confidence attended the campus placement but in vain all my dreams went in a fraction of second with my name not in the selection list from first round itself… My life was ended..Put leave for my college for next three days and cried all days .. I was never like this in my life…With constant updates of student who cleared the rounds, my sadness incresed also my prayers for them increased..but for those for whom I prayed they too din get through..

May be my over confidence has caused me failure!!

Mark my words “I’ve not cleared your recruitment process now, but I’ll surely get into in near future!! Be ready to invite me ThoughtWorks….”

All de best TW for ur new includes:(