Hackathon in PANDA contd

I want the event to be a hit among all the participants. It is very difficult to make people get involved at events in a corporate. I was thinking of ways to make them so dropped the next teaser mail stating lot of PANDA goodies are to be awarded as prizes.

I did not even think what those goodies will be. Later gave some thought on it and learnt swags are main take aways in a Hackathon. So immediately designed a laptop sticker with Hackathon logo. Also designed a paper friend similar to Foldable.me with application and Hackathon logo.

Since the event can’t be organized on a single day we planned for it run over the week.With the final day the teams need to present it to judges.

Created a sharepoint page with a workflow to automatically intimate the idea overview to the management on teams submission. Initially thought of having filteration on the ideas submitted.But since every team was busy with regular work, each team submitted only one idea with collection of features in it.

Contrary to typical hackathon where prototype needs to be shown we dropped the idea of prototyping since there are lot process involved in any DB level changes also supporting the business should not come to halt.