Target GA Tech

After starting learning a lot from online MOOC courses planned to pursue to do a graduate degree course via online. Was searching for the same for a while whole throughout the year and that which impressed and which made me more eager towards becoming a student in OMSCS-Online Master’s in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

With the failure for getting admit through the Fall 2014 was very much determined that somehow should get admit and start learning from the leaders of computing. It was not just for a degree I wanted to get from US university that I planning for this course. It was mainly for to improve my expertise in computer field also. It was not for getting H1B visa. It was to get specialized in one of a particular field of computing.

Also I am planning to learn because I can learn more and build my profile more compared to how I am doing in order to do the work I only love.

With these mind and also the first application being rejected was eagerly waiting for the dates to be announced. Actually this time I was preparing my essays well. I gave it to various set of persons such that it does not have any silly grammatical mistakes. Also it is upto the standard of an essay that for sure will get an admit. Also kept my recommenders well in advance such that they don’t miss the deadlines and make their recommendations on time.

When the dates where announced I started filling the application from day 1. I also made a checklist in Hackpad for the list of items to be done like essay review, marksheets scanning, TOEFL score etc..This time was very much determined to get into the esteemed university. I completed my application for SPRING 2015 by September 17, 2014. Which was very early even though I have so much days for the deadline. I submitted so early because last time those who registered at last moment where rejected due to the seats where filled. I know University won’t admit make admissions based on First in basis. There might be major other factors which would have caused their rejecttions like me for poor essays which is their only source of information about me.