UnSupervised Learning - Optimization

In the lecture series so far in the Supervised Learning we have learnt the various topics as below

Neural Networks

Ensemble Learning - Boosting

SVMS or Kernal Methods

Computation Learning Theory

VC Dimensions

Bayesian Learning

Bayesian Inference

Almost ready for the midterm. But need to learn various proofs or examples from the Textbook to getter better understanding.

Service awards is awarded to people who have been with company for long terms. The way awards were distributed this time does not even reflect the respect given to their association with the company. Even notebooks or some voluntary distributions in CSR activities would have been done well. You would have already know the number of employees who would receive the award. Why there was no proper planning in distribution of the awards. Also not even our name was read out. Seriously award is losing its respect. Instead of giving such awards it would be better not to give an award. Literally the awards were distributed like how they donate foods in temples. Very poor planning!! Not even a leader congratulated even a single person who won the awards. This AHM was conducted as if it was done for namesake. If time does not permit why don’t a separate function be arranged for just awards and recognitions. Also not sure if the usual sodexo pass which will be given for the

To be completed